Number plate fonts

Over the years there have been many number plates made up using dubious fonts including Italics, this was difficult to stop as the legislation speciifying fonts was a little "loose".
New legislation specifies that the only font allowable is the Charles Wright font and furthermore the height, width, and stroke are strictly defined as 79mm,50mm and 14mm respectively.
The legislation is backed up by the inclusion of number plates in the M.O.T. test, non complying plates will result in a fail.
Automatic number plate recognition cameras used to police our roads are unable to read plates which have dubious fonts and any car passing such a camera will result in "hit" and the offending vehicle could be stopped by police.
The maximum fine for illegal number plates is 1000 pounds, and also for the owners of bought private number plates, the registration number can be confiscated without recompense.

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